Welcome to HPC-Europa3 project

The HPC-Europa team is excited to announce that our Transnational Access research visit programme is back!

We are now accepting applications again, with a first closing date of THURSDAY 7th SEPTEMBER 2017 (at 12:00PM CET).  

We plan to inform applicants of the results before the end of October, with some visits starting in the last weeks of 2017.

Future closing dates will be held every 3 months, and the HPC-Europa3 programme continues until April 2021.


HPC-Europa3 aims at maintaining the persistency of a high-quality service of transnational access to the most advanced HPC infrastructures available in Europe for the European research science community. European researchers could rely on the existence of such transnational access activity for almost two decades, and the main aim of this new innovative 3rd edition of HPC-Europa series is to fill the gap left in the four years since the end of the last initiative has ended.

Objectives of the HPC-Europa3 project will be:

  • Provide access to 9 European HPC centres, via a single application and an international peer-review process, free of charge and with minimal administrative overhead;
  • Mentor in the usage of the most advanced HPC facilities;
  • Facilitate new scientific collaboration to be formed within an extremely wide network of scientific host labs in all the computational sciences domains;
  • Increase synergy and collaboration with other HPC initiatives;
  • Identify a long-term sustainability roadmap to facilitate future access to HPC resources

Networking and Research activities will maximize the effectiveness of the access service.