TAM ePoster session – poster preparation instructions

E-Posters will be available on the 2nd TAM website during the Conference. Viewers will be able to easily find and browse E-posters and download the posters in PDF format when permitted by the presenter. These posters do not require printing or production of materials – as your work will be presented electronically. Please do send your ePoster file before Monday October 19th to the email (jordi.mascastella@bsc.es). Kindly note this is a strict deadline which will not be extended. Sending the file is needed to confirm participation in the session.

Moderated Poster session will take place 23 October 15:00 – 16:30h. Authors may present their work for 5 minutes and questions from the attendees will be moderated after each presentation.

Recommendations and requirements to optimise your poster display on screen:

  • Please submit your E-Poster as a 1-page in landscape orientation.
  • File format: PDF
  • E-Poster recommended size is A1 format or in cm: 84,1 width x 59,4 height.
  • Hyperlinks, animated images and animations are not allowed for E-Posters since they will be non-functioning.

Hint: To test your PDF before you send it, print it for proofreading on paper (A4 size) and if it reads clearly from one meter then your electronic version will look fine.