3rd SMEs workshop

Reducing Barriers to HPC Adoption for SMEs


Date: Thursday the 14th of November, 2019.
Location: Room 5.10, EPCC, Bayes Centre 47 Potterrow, Edinburgh, EH8 9BT, UK.

Time: 10am-4pm

Detailed agenda is available here

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This workshop introduces SMEs to a funding programme designed to facilitate the uptake of High Performance Computing (HPC).

Many SMEs rely on modelling/simulation or big data analytics for their business and could benefit from access to HPC. However, the cost of owning and maintaining an HPC system to perform simulations is simply not affordable for most, if not all, SMEs.  Moreover, many SMEs do not have the necessary expertise on site to exploit HPC, whether it is on-site or in the Cloud.

This funding programme, named "HPC Europa3", pays for visits from HPC and simulation experts to SMEs to advise the SME on an HPC adoption activity.

Funding covers travel, accommodation and a daily allowance for visits between 3 and 13 weeks. In this case, the SME would play Host to the visitor, who can come from anywhere across Europe.  Further, the programme can also support reciprocal visits, i.e. pay for SME staff to visit experts in Europe.

As computers become more powerful, the benefits they can offer within both the academic and business sectors become more apparent. It is clear that the ability to perform advanced simulations will become more and more important. Therefore businesses, which otherwise could not afford to run advanced simulations, can acquire the necessary tools and access via the HPC Europa3 programme.

This workshop will present an overview of HPC for both simulations and big data analytics, and introduce the HPC Europa3 funding programme giving guidance on how to submit a successful proposal.

During the workshop SMEs from a variety of industries such as Engineering and Finance will talk about how their businesses have benefited from adopting HPC.

Lunch and coffee/tea breaks will be provided.

Detailed agenda is available here

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